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Viva is the first ever decentralized staking protocol built on the fast, secure and feeless Vite chain.

Stake to Earn Rewards


Stake assets in pools


Earn new tokens


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Road Map


What services does Viva offer?

Viva is a staking pool protocol that allows users to earn staking rewards on the Vite chain


Who are the users of Viva?

Holders of Vite digital assets who are looking to earn yields in a variety of digital assets on Vite


What are Viva pools?

Viva pools are the staking pools where the users stake their Vite digital assets to earn rewards


Are my digital assets locked on the Viva pools safe?

The security of your digital assets is our top priority. Our smart contract has been reviewed by multiple parties. We are doing our level best to ensure the security of your funds. That said, with all early-stage products there are risks associated with using the protocol and users assume the full responsibility for these risks. You should not deposit any assets you are not comfortable losing.


Who controls withdrawals from the pools?

The users alone can control withdrawals from the pool(s) they stake in


How can I use the Viva pools?

Follow this tutorial


How can I create new pools?

Only the Viva team can create new Viva pools. Contact us here


What is the APR?

The Annual Percentage Rate is determined by the amount of rewards available and the total value locked in the Viva pools


How is the APR calculated?

APR is the annualized return you will receive in reward tokens per the amount of staking tokens. For example, if you stake VITE for VITC, and for every VITE ($0.1/VITE) staked, you receive 10 VITC ($0.0005/VITC) per day, then your APY is 365 * 10 * $0.0005 / $0.1 * 100% = 1825%


Viva on Vite

Vite is one of the few fast, feeless and secure blockchain ecosystems that enable truly frictionless creation and transfer of digital assets, all at zero cost. The Vite chain utilizes a unique Quota system. Its native currency $VITE is locked to get Quota, which is then consumed to pay for transactions. With this unique design and existing yield functions on Vite, Viva is able to create tailored offerings of yield products on Vite.

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